This wedding will be the best film that I’ve ever made

I want to talk to the wedding people. I have never been to a wedding where I had to organise anything and now, as the director, I have to organise everything. I need some help because while I may know a little bit about music and cameras and wedding dresses (the barest minimum) I have to talk to a real party and wedding planner so that they can help me to get the best wedding possible so that the film goes as smoothly possible. I think that the wedding dresses Melbourne storm will be the first place that we should go. I don’t think that I’ll be able to get anything done without a great solid lead on the dress. I am planning on shooting this whole film, at least the ceremony sequence, as though it was real wedding. I want to talk to the designers of the dress and see what their thoughts are on what the bride will be wearing. I am lucky enough to have the best bride in the form of Amelia Van Der Holm, who is my saving grace. I am really upset with the rest of the casting, but we have managed to scramble together a halfway decent cast, along with the very great Van Der Holm, who will lead the way to get us all of the awards that we deserve. I think that I should not count my chickens before they hatch, but instead I will make sure that I can talk to the very best vintage wedding dresses Melbourne crew members as soon as I can because besides the flowers, this is the most important part. I want this part to shine out like a diamond and I want it to be the shining beacon that the rest of the crew, the cast and the film turns to when they want to see perfection. I will have perfection when I see the flower girl dresses Melbourne has laid out for me. That will be my perfection.