Late night wedding invitation hunt

I had been looking at Modern Wedding Invitations all night long. I’d actually fallen asleep at my computer. Waking up with “QWERTY” imprinted on your forehead is not the best look. I slowly got up from my crouched position, my back was aching. I hadn’t meant to stay up so late. My best friend Lisa had asked me to start looking for invitations for her. She had been engaged for about two years and had finally decided to stop waiting for her partner to bring up the subject of wedding plans. He had proposed to her in an effort to stop her complaining. She had been the happiest woman in the world for about six months, and then the novelty wore off. Her relationship went back to being normal, nothing exciting was happening. When Lisa called us all over to her house, we were given our roles and our tasks. Mine, of course was to look for Rustic Wedding Invitations.

I’d never had to do anything like this before. None of my friends had been married yet, so I was feeling the pressure. I found a moment to question Lisa about what she wanted for her wedding. None of us knew what she planned for it to look like or what she had dreamed of. I was shocked when she told me she wanted Black Wedding Invitations. Lisa hardly ever wore black. She was always a ray of sunshine and colours. She was happy and bubbly and her clothes reflected that. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this colourful, joyful and cheery woman would want such a dark and negative colour for her invitations. I thought for a second and wondered if she was doing it for her partner. It was the only reason I could think of for her to request something so out of character.