I will stay on in perpetuity, looking after the pool fences

I am a man with conviction now. I know what I must do and I know that I must see through his world till the very end. I will never pass on because I will be never be able to find peace. It is the saddest part of my life and I think about it every single day. I think that I will know people who will never be here until 600 years into the future and I have known people that were here 600 years ago. I think that I will never really love anyone because of what I am and I think that if I was to find someone that I loved, and then they would be taken away for me by the Gods. I have found one thing that I do love; I love the pool fencing Melbourne company and the great work that they do. The good thing about companies is that they can exist when all of the original members have gone, because it is not a living thing, at least not biologically living. I think that that meant that I can care about it more because it will last, given that it does not pass due to unnatural causes like me. I think that the aluminium pool fencing Melbourne crew and company are so good that they will never be gone due to their incompetence not at all. I think that they will be here for a long time and I think that they will be a dear friend of mine, but maybe not the other way around. It is not sentient because it is not biologically alive but I do think that once I get the hang of this friendship thing I will be able to truly call the frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne company a friend indeed.