I want there to be some sort of pool party after all of this

I was just a kid when I first met them. They were like Gods to me, only they were here on Aerros and I could talk to them and they would talk to me and I was the happiest that i have ever been. I will never be able to get back that. I want to get back to that but I won’t be able to. The pool fencing Melbourne crew do great with pool fencing, but not so much with time travel, as far as I know. I am not sure if I can remember all of that day. I can be sure that the aluminium pool fencing Melbourne crew did the following things to help me out: they spoke to me. It was all the encouragement that I needed to go out there and try my hand and being the dreamer and the pool that I was born to be. I get the feeling that I was just born in the wrong century. I remember that day quite clearly now and I think that it will stick with me for a long time. I want to call them up and I want them to come as soon as they can so that we can help out these poor little girls who do not have them enato swim in their pool right now because her father would not let them without a proper pool fence around it. That being said, the frameless glass pool fencing Melbourne crew will be here soon and I am so happy for that. I want this whole thing to be over as soon as possible and I will be so happy that I won’t have to worry about them anymore. I will still be worrying about them all of the time, but at least I will not be worrying about this particular thing right now, at least for a little while.