Rubbish removal punishment

I don’t know how he had done it but my brother had managed to break nearly every piece of furniture in my house. I had let him stay at my unit while I went on a two week work trip interstate. I told him he could do whatever he wanted as long as he was respectful to my property and kept the house clean. I was horrified when I got back to see the only thing that wasn’t broken was my bed. He was lucky, my bed was the most expensive thing I owned. Everything else was from second hand shops so I didn’t care too much, although it was the principal. He’d knowingly ruined everything in my house. He wasn’t at the unit when I got home and didn’t show up until later that night. He slowly opened the door and crept inside. I must of startled him when I said his name because he jumped backwards and fell over one of the broken chairs.

After his pathetic attempt to make up excuses about the broken furniture I came to the conclusion that him and his mates had just been blatantly disrespectful. I had told him he needed to replace all of my furniture and spend the following day giving my house a thorough clean. I knew he would try to get out of it, or do a rushed clean so I decided to stand over him and watch him until it was done to my standard.

I phoned Hard Rubbish Collection Canberra to see if they could come and collect my broken furniture. Rubbish Removal Canberra had no available times that afternoon so we scheduled for them to come by the next day. My brother finished cleaning and I told him he would be staying to load the furniture into the truck.

When the truck arrived I told the boys from Garden Waste Canberra to stay in the truck and that my little brother would be loading the furniture in as punishment. They were more than happy to let someone else do their job.