I miss my Jo and I miss the old windows

I wish that I still had the window from when we were married. I miss them every single day, but not as much as the girl who the windows belonged to. I miss her more than I can bear. I can’t be strong, but I have to be strong. I have to be strong for the kids. I will call the timber windows Melbourne crew soon and make my house strong too. I have three children that don’t have a mother anymore and what I care about means nothing compared to the pain that they are in and will be in for a long long time. I need to get this house fixed though, and we need to start doing something, as a family; our new family. I know that it has one fewer member, but I’m sure that we can still be happy eventually. I called up the window repairs Melbourne crew so that they can come to the house and repair up all of the windows that need it, and replace all of the other windows that can’t be repaired. I hope that all 200 or so of the windows can be fixed and done by the time that the school term ends and the kids will be hanging around a lot more. I don’t want them hanging out in a literal broken home as well as a metaphorical one. I will make sure that the sash windows Melbourne crew get her soon so that we can get it all done. I am a big fan of them and I’m pretty sure that the kids would have been big fans of them as well, before all of this happened. We would always love to look at people like this and do things like this. I will make sure that they can be happy again, eventually.

The new windows will be here soon

I can’t wait to find the windows in my house by the time that I get home after work tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that Genie said that the window repair Melbourne team will be here when I get back from work tomorrow. I work at a burger joint when get the chance and I’ll try and get the most of the work that I do there. I love it there, and I’ve never been better at a day job than I am at this one. I’ve had dozens of jobs in my life, and this is by far the best one. There was a bit of an issue at the burger joint the other month; the gas leaked and during the night there was a series of explosions in the restaurant. There was a big story on it all during the morning news the next day, and I even got my face on TV for like 5 minutes. I didn’t know that that would spark a lifelong friendship, well admiration really, for the people who worked at the window repairs Melbourne company. They did such a great job on the windows in the burger place that I asked them the very next day to see if they could come and replace the windows in my own house. We have had a bit of a storm the week before the gas explosion, and the windows were a bit out of place. Most, if not all of them were cracked and a few had fallen out. Once I saw the work that the replacement windows Melbourne crew were doing on the burger joint, I knew I had found the people who would help me out of this jam. The great news is that they were so professional, so friendly, and so reasonably priced that I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole thing.