Follow up physio, a great relief

I arrived at Physio Rouse Hill in better form than I had been last week. I was there for a follow up appointment for my back. Early last week I’d awoken to find myself trapped. I was stuck, paralysed with no ability to move. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. I could move, but if I did, I would have agonising pains shooting up and down my back. I couldn’t do anything, so I ended up sitting in the physiotherapist’s office. The man at Physiotherapist Rouse Hill was able to help me immensely. I had heard of this physiotherapist’s amazing healing abilities but I didn’t realise just how good he was until he helped me with the exercises. Now, I was standing upright in the waiting room, waiting to be called into my physiotherapist’s office.

I decided to tell the receptionist at Physiotherapy Rouse Hill that I loved her hair this time. The last time I had come in, I had admired her from afar, her beautiful hair being the only thing on my mind for the past week. I wanted to know how she got her hair to be like that, so I could then go and do the same to mine. The receptionist thanked me for the compliment and told me what shampoo she used. We arrived at the physiotherapist’s door and she left me to it. I walked into the man’s office and smiled. He gestured for me to sit down and mentioned I looked a lot more limber, and asked me if the exercises had worked. I told him everything that had been happening and when the man smiled, I knew it was the last time I was going to need to come into the physio.

I want to get the best of the best for my physio

I want to get the best gift that I can because I will be giving it to the physio that fixed up my back and my knee and my leg. He was really great at what he did, and I’m pretty sure that is something of a miracle worker. I will be talking to the physio Rouse Hill crew and make sure that my gift gets to him, though I don’t know if he will take it or not. I want to make sure that he does take it, but I can’t force him to do anything. I just want the world to know how great this sports physio Rouse Hill company is, and how much it means to me to be able to get back to fighting fit levels again, so that I can fight, with fitness. I am a boxer by profession and a writer only by hobby. I love all the classics, and I’m pretty sure that that this gift of classic novels would do well on anyone’s shelf, including mine. So it’s decided then; I’ll keep it and I’ll make sure that I do my bit to the physiotherapist Rouse Hill company by spreading their good deeds throughout the land and making sure that we all go to them. I want to go to them again next month, for a bit of a check up I will be taking Michelle there as well, so that they can take a bit of a look at her knee, and the fact that she injured it in netball recently means that it’s a pretty good idea to get it looked at, so you might as well go to the best. I will be going to the best, that’s for sure, and when Michelle takes her mum, that will be one more person hooked.