Painters bring life to new studio

We’d just bought a new office. I couldn’t believe the bank allowed us to get the loan, I thought we would have to find an office to rent, but thankfully this one was ours. With the benefit of never having to move locations, owning the office allowed us to make whatever changes we need to such as knocking down walls, painting and flooring. My partner and I run yoga classes. We have been holding them at our house previously but due to rapid expansion in numbers we needed to find a bigger space. The yoga classes started out as a way to make a bit of pocket money here and there, but has now grown to the major income in our home. My partner took care of finances and class arrangement, he dealt with all the administration side of things whereas I taught the classes.

Once we knocked out the walls that we didn’t need we had to arrange for the painters to come through. We had chosen nice calming colours but just needed to find the painters! I phoned Painters Melbourne and got a bit of information off them. Interior Painters Melbourne were able to paint our office the following week, which would give us a week to arrange all the business and paperwork side of things.

The office was starting to look like a studio. The walls were gone, House Painter Melbourne had finished painting, the floors were newly carpeted and the mirror wall had gone in. Now we had to get the stereo setup and the plants in. We already had the equipment at home so it was just a matter of adding the final touches and we’d be doing yoga in our new studio in no time.