Successful heating repair determines family visit

The afternoon progressed and I found myself having a nice time. We were sitting around my boyfriend’s family home. This was the place he had spent his childhood years. This was where the magic happened that helped to shape this wonderful man I was in love with. His parents were beautiful. It was the first time I’d met them, and after a lot of nagging, we finally flew down to visit them. We hadn’t been warned about the broken heater in the room we were staying in, so I was pretty unhappy to walk into a room as cold as Antarctica. My boyfriend’s mother came into the room as we were settling in and apologised for the broken heater. I hadn’t been as nice as I wished I was, only giving short answers and focusing on unpacking my bag. A technician from Ducted Heating Services Sydney would be around later today to have a look at the heater.

We were sitting in the lounge room, playing cards over tea and biscuits. My family never did anything like this so it was a very nice change. The doorbell rang and my boyfriend jumped up to answer it. His father called out after him to take the technician from Ducted Gas Heating Sydney through to the heater, so that was exactly what he did. I could hear my boyfriend talking to the technician from Heating Services Sydney and then heard him walk back up the corridor towards the lounge. I hoped that the technician would be able to fix the heater, I wouldn’t survive the night if he couldn’t. I didn’t do well in the cold, so the success of this visit depended on the heater being repaired.