Jamies exciting mortgage news

I didn’t know a lot of 19 year old men who were in the position to buy a house, but I did know one. I had just spent the weekend with my boyfriend and his closest mate, Jamie. Jamie had moved to Australia when he was young, with his mother and father who were both professionals in their chosen occupation. Jamie had moved from Jersey and his parents made sure to start a successful company as they arrived in Australia. Jamie grew up having everything he wanted and was a qualified tradesman working for his father by the time he was 18. When we were at Jamie’s place the other weekend for a barbecue and some drinks, he made an announcement. He told us that he had a meeting at Mortgage Brokers Sunshine Coast earlier in the week. He went on to say that his first meeting with Finance Companies Sunshine Coast was two weeks prior and the meeting this week was to find out the results.
We all held our breath as we waited for Jamie to finish his sentence.

The champagne bottles popped and the glasses chinked as we all congratulated Jamie on his outcome from Home Loans Sunshine Coast. The volume increase, the food started sizzling and everyone was incredibly happy for Jamie. He had worked hard and saved a lot of money and deserved to have a house of his own. He was one of the few wealthy people you wished more success on. By the end of the night, Jamie had made another announcement. We had all known his girlfriend Chantelle for years. Jamie’s second announcement was that he would be moving into his new house as a married man. Needless to say, it was a big night.