Daughter outgrows room, time to call the interior painters

My little girl, Jade is turning 10 in about a week and apparently thinks she is too old to have a pink bedroom. We painted her room the brightest pink we could find when she was born. I read somewhere in a magazine that exposure to bright colours at infancy can improve brain function. I didn’t know if I believed that or not, but I loved the bright pink room. Jade has made the decision and she is sticking to it. She wants a purple room with a yellow ceiling. I couldn’t quite picture that looking any good, no matter what shade of the colours you used. I agreed to have Jade’s room painted, but only the purple, not the yellow ceiling. We had a small argument about the yellow, before Jade agreed.

Jade had been looking up some painters on the internet and gave me a number to call. The woman on the phone from Painters Melbourne was really nice. I told her that I needed to have my daughters bedroom painted because she’d outgrown the bright pink. The woman from House Painters Melbourne laughed and told me some stories about when her children wanted their bedrooms painted. We chatted about our families for a while and I felt like I’d known the woman for years. By the end of the phone call we had arranged the job and I was to expect a team of painters from Exterior Painters Melbourne at the beginning of next week.

My daughter was so excited that I’d booked in the painters that she told me she was going to cook me a special thank you dinner. I was a bit worried, but it actually didn’t turn out too bad. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with shake-n-bake pancakes with strawberries and ice cream though.