Bond cleaning friends

Mum said one day we would have our own home and not have to keep moving. I enjoyed moving, living in different areas and making new friends. I didn’t care for the constant packing and unpacking of my things though. I had asked Mum if the next place we moved to would be for more than six months, but she said she couldn’t guarantee anything. I decided then to pack all the things I rarely use into a few boxes and not unpack them unless I needed to use them. It would just make packing easier next time.

I was still sorting out my things when Mum walked in with the lady from Vacate cleaning Melbourne. Mum had become quite close with her, as we used their company each time we moved. Sometimes the cleaning lady brought her son to play with me but she hadn’t today. I heard Mum and the lady from End of lease cleaning Melbourne talking about money and when they would be able to clean the house. I said goodbye to the cleaning lady and she told me she would see me in a few days.

When the cleaners arrived they got straight to work. I saw a small boy jump out of the Move out cleaning Melbourne van and start running over to me. She had brought her son! I was very excited. I was not looking forward to spending the whole day by myself while they cleaned the house and Mum packed the car. I played with the cleaners son for hours, and before I knew it, it was dinner time. The cleaners had packed up their equipment and piled back into their van.

Mum had done a few trips to the new place already so we piled the last of our stuff into the car and headed for our new home. I hadn’t seen the new place, I was looking forward to finding new hiding spots and checking out the backyard.