It will be too late for the windows

I want to tell the windows that their time is almost done, but I will not, since all the times that I go to do it, I realise that they are just windows and that they will not listen to me, since they have no ears. Even if they did have ears, they would not be able to hear since they don’t have brains, and even if they did have brains, there would be no way to know that they understood me, and that I would even like what they had to say, since I’m going to call on the best double glazing windows Canberra team to double glazed them. If they could feel pain, I’m not sure I’d like what they had to say when the crew started their process. I don’t like the fact that I ramble too much, but I do like it in part because it was different to the rest of my family. They were as silent as the grave and they couldn’t tell you anything, let alone the one thing that you needed to hear from them, that which you yearn for from your family for all your years at that wretched house. I don’t know what else to say; begin the process, oh mighty double glazing Canberra people. I will watch and try not to think about those who have hurt me. Once the windows are done, I’ll be able to brood out of them silently, like my father always did, only not with scorn, contempt or anger, just with sadness, that those who were meant to love me did nothing but humiliate and berate me for all the years that I was growing I thought that it was normal, and I still loved them. I still do love them, even after all those years, and all that pain. I know that I can’t block it all out, so I have to let it in, but only the light, nothing else, like the thermally insulated double glazed windows Canberra team does.