Rubbish removers help clear great nans unit

My great grandmother has been needing to be in a home for a long time. She is a stubborn and independent woman who has dismissed the subject each time it arose. She has trouble moving by herself, which makes it extremely difficult for her to live alone, which is what she insists on doing. Last week my great grandmother had a fall. She slipped down the step which goes to the laundry from the hallway. Luckily, my great nan was ok, just a few bruises and a sore bottom, but the fall opened all our eyes. My mum decided that it was time for great nan to go to a home, and great nan wasn’t going to be able to say no this time.

A few weeks had passed and Mum arranged everything for my great nan to move into the home. It was a nice place, and we all swore we would visit great nan as much, if not more than we did before. Now, we all had the job of packing up great nans unit and storing all her things. We put everything into boxes and loaded them into the car. All the furniture was being taken by Rubbish Removal Canberra. We offered to give it to the home, but due to safety regulations they aren’t able to accept it.

Great nans unit was empty, all that was left was the furniture. Deceased Estate Clearance Canberra was coming by this afternoon to collect it all and I was spending a few hours cleaning with Mum. It was strange looking back over great nans unit, seeing it without all the lace, the teddy bears and the knitted blankets. Now we just had to wait for Hard Rubbish Collection Canberra to get here.