Sweet sixteenth deserves catering, apparently

My sweet sixteenth was coming up and it was going to be the best birthday party of the year. I was looking forward to showing off everything I had to the people at school. I wanted them to see that everything that I had, was better than theirs. I wanted the girls at school to walk into my house and see a table of presents stacked to the ceiling. I didn’t want anyone to leave my birthday party without being jealous. I wanted everyone who thought they were better than me, to see that they were not.

Mum was going to do the cooking and bake the cake for my party until I heard her discussing it with her friends. They were all planning to get together and spend days baking so that my school friends had an abundance of sugary baked treats to select from, but there was no way I was going to subject my friends to eating Mums cooking. I’d be too embarrassed to ever show my face at school again. I told Mum that her and her friends would definitely not be cooking for my party and that I wanted a professional caterer.

I walked outside and told my father to arrange the food with Finger Food Catering Melbourne. He told me that my mother was doing the cooking and I told him to stop being ridiculous. I informed him there was no way Mum was cooking, and that he had to call Party Catering Melbourne.

My mother had a huge argument with me about the need for Catering Melbourne to cater for the party. She didn’t want to spend extra money when she was able to cook. I didn’t want to send my friends home from my party with food poisoning.

I will always love David/catering

David was not with me this morning, since he was away from the bride, as tradition dictates. We are a little bit old fashioned that way. I think that it makes it that much more exciting when I finally see him on the day of. I saw him and my heart just fell to the floor. It was such a great feeling, seeing him up the end there, by the priest, all laid out in my handsome looking bow tie. He always did rock a bow tie very well. I can’t believe that I love this man, and I can’t believe that I love him back. Sorry, just to interrupt, this food from the catering Melbourne people is just fantastic. I really do have to call up the company for more. Only then will I be sure that I have enough to last me for a lifetime. It’s not just for the wedding that I want the wedding catering Melbourne company to keep me company. I want it for the rest of my life. I have a feeling that it will start to eat away at my salary, all of this food, but they really are quite affordable. I haven’t done the maths yet (maths is not my strong suit, much like forward planning and common sense. I’m very emotional and impulsive though, so that’s fun for David, when he’s here. He’s fly in/fly out, on the mines over in the west. It’s not good, but it’s what we have to do to get the deposit of the house. It’s only for a year) but I hope that we can afford it. I will do what it takes to have the wonderful morsels from the wonderful people at party catering Melbourne.