I want to give a demo on the pack, the jump starter

I want to show to the people of this world the fact that I have these abilities, well just one, and the fact that it can be tempered by technology. That is why technology is around, to temper the powers and gifts that extraordinary people have. I’m not too sure if that if the actual definition of it or not, but I’m pretty sure that the battery pack will be able to charge up the car that I power down with my telekinetic or tele chemical powers that I recently started showing. I’m not too sure how they started, or where they came from, all I am trying to do right now is control them. I didn’t know this two days ago, but now I am the master of cars, and the batteries thereof. I can drain the power from batteries in cars from a distance of up to 1 km away. I didn’t know that it was a bad thing until I saw my street when I woke up. There were dozens of people stranded out on the road because I must have sent some kind of surge when I was sleeping. It was a vivid dream that I was stealing the dreams of children all around the world, and getting power from their suffering. That’s not who I want to be, which is why I carry with me a portable car battery so that if I should ever, accidentally, cause this to happen, I will be able to stop it, or at least reverse it with a quick, really quick, charge on the old portable starter pack. I will make sure that flat battery booster is always ready to go, and able to help people in need of that help, whether I was the one who caused all of this mess or not.