New barn for the horses

We have always had horses. I grew up on a farm and couldn’t go a day without going for a ride on my horse. Our barn was very old and my mother kept telling my dad that we needed to get it replaced. She thought it was a safety hazard, and I guess she was right. The winds got very strong out here and sometimes you could see the horse stables rocking in the wind. It must have been pretty scarey for the horses too. I had a look online at Awnings Tamworth and all the different things they offered. They had such a great range of sheds and barns, I had to show Mum. I think Dad was putting it off for as long as he could because he was worried about finances, but these were all so affordable!

When I showed Mum she was amazed at the great selection of barns and Stables Tamworth. I told her that keeping the horses in that barn was bordering animal cruelty (which it wasn’t, I just wanted to push the point that we needed new stables). Mum told me that she would definitely show my father the website because she wanted new Farm Barns Tamworth as much as I did. She had already chosen the style she wanted and worked out how much it would cost. She told me that they would be able to afford it, she’d just have to twist my father’s arm.

The following afternoon when I got home from school Mum was dancing around the kitchen making dinner. It had been a while since I’d seen her do her famous happy dance, something must have happened while I was at school. I asked her what was going on and she said that thanks to my efforts on finding the stable constructors, we had just put an order in for a new barn! I was so happy I ran straight out and jumped on my horse and went for a three hour ride.