The asphalt is almost complete

The high road, the new high road, is almost done. It’s been more than three years since we began this little mission of ours, to go all the way from the bottom it the top of Aerros, and we’ve done that and then some. We’ve done a lot more than that. We have been able to secure the alliance of a lot of key lords and ladies along that way, and more importantly, we have been able to get the asphalt Brisbane crew to come along with us, on our wild goose chase sort of thing, for a long long time. We have been able to secure the services of one of the best asphalt service companies in the whole world, and I have only one person the thank for all of that. I want to thank my friend and my brother, mister Bobby Thorn. Without him, we never would have gotten in touch with them in the first place and it was his continued support for them, and campaigning for them that we eventually decided on their bid for all the work on the king’s high road. It will be a long time before we come back here again, so I think it’s best if we said our goodbyes now. I will not see Bobby for a long time. He will be staying up here in Tournell, while me and the boys will be going back home, to Wrelle. We will not be too far away, but it’s still pretty far. I would like to see him soon, but I guess my dreams will have to do. I know what we’ll both be dreaming about too: asphalt repairs Brisbane. That is all we ever dream about, and to each their own, I say. The crew of the bitumen Brisbane company will miss us, I assume. I don’t actually know, come to think of it.