The ants are almost here

The Wendell building is 89 storeys up and 36 storey dow, and I was at the very bottom lab, on the very bottom floor. All of the labs are below the ground floor and everything else is above ground. There is no way that we could do the work that we do if we didn’t have the room to move. I’ll bet the ant treatment Melbourne team are regretting that right about now. Me and my team had a whole floor to play with, and play we did. We were innovators in sonic technology, among other things, and now we made these super fast, super smart, and super hungry ants that could chew through the metal in enemy soldiers’ helmets. It’s not a pretty sight, but apparently it worked. I made a mistake though, and they’ve been loose in the building for a while now. We have also been loose in the building, but we’ve been stuck here. I didn’t think that the pest inspections Melbourne crew would get here for a week, so they’ve made excellent time in getting here. I didn’t think that I’d be rescued at all, I was sure that I would be caught in the first wave that hit the lower labs on the first day. That was what first locked the building down and no one really knew what was going on then. I knew; I had know for about 20 minutes. I was the one who released them, and when I did, I sat at my desk and calmly went back to work. I didn’t tell anyone, and still haven’t told anyone, that I was the one who did this. I didn’t want it to seem like I was the one who caused all of this heartache and misery and made the cockroach control Melbourne crew have to come out here to fix us.