I’ll find these boxes, and the tools

I will find that toolbox if it’s the last thing that I do. I will never stop hunting and I will never stop loving. I will always try and find it, and like those ring things in the lord of the flies type of movie (I fell asleep, I don’t really remember it), I will never rest, nor eat nor sleep (ironic isn’t it, that I equate myself to something that I fell asleep absorbing, and now I don’t sleep) until I have back to me, and to my people, the thing that was taken from us so long ago; the ute toolboxes Melbourne.

It has been more than an age, and an eon since last I saw it. It will be another gate and an eon since I will see it again, if the leaders are to be believed. I think that I can get it in my hands, and lay it at the feet of my holy temple by decade’s end. I will be a hero to my people, to my family and I will redeem myself in the eyes of the Gods. It will be the greatest day that both I, and the people of this world will ever experience, if I can do my will, and get the toolboxes back into the right hands. These aluminium toolboxes have stayed in my family since the time immemorial, and I will not let them go without a fight. There are some who believe that it was the Gods themselves that are punishing us for our greed and our lack of faith in the Gods.

The time has come for us to make our move, and I will see if the elders will let me go to the place I need to go. I hear rumours that the enemies, and the aluminium toolboxes Melbourne, are in the Dawn City, and I must go there now, as soon as I have gathered my resources.

I will never stop hunting the aluminium toolbox

I will never stop trying to find it, no matter where I have to go. It was taken from me by thieves and those that are sworn to protect the innocent and do the opposite. I will never be able to forgive anyone who had any part in that. I will not stop until my last breath, until I have got that aluminium tool box back into my arms. I want what is inside, and I want the toolbox itself. I will never not want it. Anyway, let me ask how you are, dear readers. I am stuck here, in this tiny little inn and I can’t do much about them missing aluminium toolboxes Melbourne at the moment, so I thought I’d write. I will tell my story to those who will listen, and to those who won’t, why are you reading at all?

It was a photo that was held in the tool box. It was a photograph of my children, that I had done a few weeks before I left them. It was the happiest hat I’d ever felt, because we were all there, all four of us, together at last, like a real family. I couldn’t help but cry when I thought back on it later that night. That was when I decided to bring it with me, locked into the ute toolboxes Melbourne that I have on my ute, obviously. It would be safe there, I thought. No one but me could get it there. Now I need to get it back. Nothing else matters.

I have found a bit of a lead, and I will follow it, to see where it leads me. I will take the train north, to Tournell, and the cold wind swept cities up there. I hope I have the clothes for it. I also hope I see my aluminium toolboxes.