Accepting that responsibility and gaining confidence with the window repairman

I had written the appointment details on the whiteboard that was stuck to our fridge. I wanted the first thing my parents saw when they walked in to be the appointment time I’d booked with Window replacements Melbourne. My mother had instructed that I phone the window repairmen myself after I’d damaged the window. I think she had told me to do it as a punishment, to make me face up to my responsibilities. The thing was, I enjoyed making the call. My parents were very protective and had tried to keep my child-mindstate around for as long as possible. I’m sure that most parents felt that way, but mine were doing me harm. Having no responsibility in my life made me think my parents didn’t trust me, or that I wasn’t good enough to handle things. I didn’t mind if that was true, but I did want at least some responsibility.

Talking with the man at Timber window repairs Melbourne had made me feel more confident. I’d been nervous at first, but once we started talking, I was happy to speak to the window installer. My mother had told me to make sure I explained the situation to him properly, which I did. The man at Aluminium window repair Melbourne was intrigued by my javelin throwing, and asked me a few questions about it. We’d both learnt something from the phone call that day, he’d learnt about the growing local javelin community and I’d learnt a lot about windows. I hung up the phone feeling like an adult, like I was capable of making things happen. That’s when I decided to get back outside and start practising my throwing once again. I couldn’t let a small mishap stop my training.

Window repairman brings much needed relief

I’d woken up confused. I didn’t remember falling asleep and I definitely hadn’t planned to. Granted, I hadn’t slept for more than four hours in the past two nights. The window in our lounge room was smashed, and I had to bear the guilt. I made the whole family suffer through paranoid nights, stressing over every noise we heard, wondering whether someone was in the house. I shouldn’t have lost my temper and thrown my cricket bat, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. The last thing I remember was the man from Aluminium window replacement Melbourne ringing the doorbell and then nothing. How can I remember absolutely nothing? Where was everyone? The house was completely silent, which in this household could only mean everyone was out. I did a quick lap of the house, calling out to Mum or Dad. No reply. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge. It was in Mum’s handwriting and it said that they had all gone to pick up pizzas, and they’d be home soon.

Mum and Dad explained that I was so sleep deprived, and stressed that the relief of knowing the man from Timber window installers Melbourne was here sent your body to sleep. I was so relaxed that the man was here to fix the windows that I passed out for the whole day? I didn’t understand it, but they were adamant, so I just smiled, nodded and ate my pizza. Tim, my brother started explaining what happened when the man from Sash window replacement Melbourne came over. I was half listening to him, by mostly concentrating on getting as much pizza in my mouth at once as possible.

Neighbourly interest in window replacement goes commando

My neighbours had been spying on me for the past few days. They had seen a Timber window replacements Melbourne van arrive at my house and they came to the conclusion that I was having renovations. They were the type of people that would compete with the sun if they had the chance. They were also extremely nosey and only opened their mouths to gossip. I was getting a little bit tired of them watching me through my own windows. If only they were outside of their house, I’d be able to do something about it. I knew they were trying to come up with a plan to show me up. They had this thing where, if someone on the street got something new or changed their house in anyway, they would have to get something done, only bigger and better. They had a boring life I guess and that was their way of passing time. Whatever it was that was wrong with them, I hoped they’d figure it out soon.

I had received a phone call this morning from the man at Window replacements Melbourne. He told me they had finished building the windows and asked if they could come out today for the installation. I told them that would be great and immediately wondered what the neighbours reaction would be to loud hammering and obvious renovations happening directly across the road from them.

When the Aluminium window repairs Melbourne van arrived I watched the neighbours commando roll across the road and hide in the bushes beside my house. I couldn’t help but laugh, and grab my video camera. I filmed them crouching in the bushes, taking notes, as the men started installing the new windows. I couldn’t wait to see their revenge attack.