I love the way that the aluminium tool box is mine

I love the fact that I can put what I want into the box and no one can tell me that I can not. I guess I am just not used to having this sort of power. I guess I am not used to being the only one around here who can not do what he wants. That is all over now, and I have moved out of my house and into my actual house. The house that I was in before was my parent’s place, and I did not like it there one bit, not for a long time now. I love the boxes that were in the garage though those big aluminium toolboxes that we had all over the place. I want to make sure that I have the best toolboxes that I can possibly get, which is why I went right to the source. I found out where my father got all of his and I went out and I bought a tonne of the best ute toolboxes Melbourne has to offer and I have not looked back since. I have not spoken to my father or my mother at all since I moved out and I don’t really plan on seeing them any time soon. I do not love them anymore and I have not loved them for a few years now. It was not some huge thing that really set me off, but it was cut like real life is meant to be; a really slow beating down on my defences and expectations so that I find myself in this huge hole, this rut and I have no idea where I got here, or how. Now more; I will need this now and I will take after the great makers of the aluminium accessories, and I will try to live a life that is pure and strong and enduring and will weather any obstacle and will hold safe that which I care about.