Dance studio urgently needs air conditioning repairman

It was only a month till competitions and things were starting to get bitchy. The dance studio that I dance at holds a large competition each year and students from all dance academies compete. I was feeling pretty confident with my routine and just prayed the other girls had practiced as much as I had. Either way, we still had a month left of lessons to improve.

When Mum dropped me at dance this afternoon the studio was stinking hot. It was as if someone had left five heaters on over night and the windows in the studio had never been opened. My dance teacher was standing in the corner of the studio in front of a small pedestal fan, cooling herself down. I walked over to her and asked what had happened in here and why it was so hot. The dance teacher told me that the air conditioners were left on overnight and this morning when we opened they had broken down. She thought it was due to overworking the units but then told me that Air Conditioning Service Melbourne would be here soon to try and fix it. I suggested holding our dance lesson outside on the grass instead of inside but the teacher didn’t think that was a good idea.

Everyone from my group arrived and shortly after so did the Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne technicians. We started warming up while our teacher took the men out the back. When she returned we started practising our routines. During the time the men from Air Conditioning Melbourne were fixing the unit, one girl fainted from heat exhaustion and another slipped over and sprained her ankle because of her sweaty feet. I hope the men are able to fix the air conditioning soon, or else we will have no dancers left to enter the competition!