Big plans for a small party start with finding perfect birthday invitations

My best friend Sue had a birthday coming up soon, and although she would never admit it to anyone, it was getting her a little down. Sue was the type of person who was never caught without a smile on her face. She had so much life and energy in her, everyone she met fell in love with her. I wanted to show Sue that age was just a number, and that she shouldn’t let it affect her so much. I didn’t know how to go about that, until I awoke in the middle of the night with an idea. I quickly jumped out of bed, wrote down the idea and went back to sleep. The next morning while eating breakfast, I saw the note I had left myself. Although I was half asleep, my handwriting was pretty good – good enough to read anyway. I remembered my idea for Sue’s birthday party. It was going to by a Disney theme, taking her back to her childhood. We were going to be kids for the day and there was nothing she would be able to do about it, but join in and have a ball.

I looked up some Party Invitations and searched for a while. I decided to narrow down my search and thought the best place to start would be with some Girls Invitations. I didn’t intend on inviting many people to this party, possibly no one but Sue, but I wanted every detail to be perfect. She was going to feel like a girl at school again. There were going to be beautiful Custom Invitations, cupcakes, party games, streamers, polka dot dresses and of course, goodie bags. This was going to be a birthday that Sue was never going to forget.