Accepting that responsibility and gaining confidence with the window repairman

I had written the appointment details on the whiteboard that was stuck to our fridge. I wanted the first thing my parents saw when they walked in to be the appointment time I’d booked with Window replacements Melbourne. My mother had instructed that I phone the window repairmen myself after I’d damaged the window. I think she had told me to do it as a punishment, to make me face up to my responsibilities. The thing was, I enjoyed making the call. My parents were very protective and had tried to keep my child-mindstate around for as long as possible. I’m sure that most parents felt that way, but mine were doing me harm. Having no responsibility in my life made me think my parents didn’t trust me, or that I wasn’t good enough to handle things. I didn’t mind if that was true, but I did want at least some responsibility.

Talking with the man at Timber window repairs Melbourne had made me feel more confident. I’d been nervous at first, but once we started talking, I was happy to speak to the window installer. My mother had told me to make sure I explained the situation to him properly, which I did. The man at Aluminium window repair Melbourne was intrigued by my javelin throwing, and asked me a few questions about it. We’d both learnt something from the phone call that day, he’d learnt about the growing local javelin community and I’d learnt a lot about windows. I hung up the phone feeling like an adult, like I was capable of making things happen. That’s when I decided to get back outside and start practising my throwing once again. I couldn’t let a small mishap stop my training.